Agency BUNDLE - advertising agency packaging label design explanatory video animations

When choosing an offer for yourself, you choose the way your brand is perceived by its recipients. You start writing a brand story and put it into motion.

Printable designs

  • product packaging / label design
  • illustration
  • visual identification
  • marketing communication (catalogs, leaflets, etc.)
  • outdoor advertising design

Screen projects

  • advertising animations
  • explainer video
  • websites
  • advertising spots - radio

Advertising Agency

We are a creative agency that implements projects for the needs of many media: printing, Internet, film, contemporary multimedia, etc. Whether it is labeling / packaging design or production of explanatory / instructional films, Agencja Reklamowa BUNDLE can offer the client full and consistent project service at the planning stage , creation and production.
The message that we want to include in the projects can be suggestive regardless of the field in which we operate. Printed materials, label / packaging design, internet / web design, illustration, key visual, advertising / video, multimedia.


We focused on visual communication as the most friendly means of expression. Friendly with its versatility and ease of assimilation. We work in design, create design, communicate, talk and think in the language of design.
We create brand personality through what the recipient sees. We help create the visual personality of the brand - something that distinguishes it from the competition and without which it becomes anonymous and unrecognizable.


A tool for working in modern design is not only aesthetics, at least not primarily. A good design can attract the attention of the recipient with its originality of solutions, individualism, and aesthetics in the role of "chocolate sauce". It should be mentioned that the best projects can surprise with their simplicity and readability of the message without giving up all the elements mentioned above.
Our offer is addressed to customers interested in originality and innovation of solutions. It must be admitted that we enjoy working on useful, aesthetic and original projects. We find out about it every day.

Visual identification

Visual identification is something that is easy to define and harder to create. Something that defines the presence of an entity / brand on the market allows it to stand out from the competition and, above all, is accepted and recognized by recipients.
It includes not only the logo / logotype pattern or colors, but also lettering, typography, the nature of the graphics and the outdoor advertising team.

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