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Animations / explainer video

Animations / explainer videos are the most convenient and friendly form of conveying content to your recipient. If you have a product or service, an idea whose operating principle you want to convey in the most friendly form, an explanatory film (an instructional video, an explainer video) is what you are looking for. It is a marketing tool that helps to effectively explain the functioning of your product or idea.

What is explainer video?

A short video form used to explain a complex story in a friendly way. An explainer video uses a simple story to convey something much more complex. If you have a product or service, an idea whose operating principle you want to convey in the most friendly form, an explanatory film (an instructional video, an explainer video) is what you are looking for. It is a marketing tool that helps in effectively explaining the functioning of your product, service or idea.

Video and explanatory animation
Video and explanatory animation

Why is it worth reaching for the explanatory video?

An explainer video is the interaction of content, image and sound.
When we want to explain to our recipient the principle of operation of a product or idea, we can reach for various methods of communication. The most common is to provide written content. But why not use the image and sound as well and touch on everything?
By placing three basic communication elements supporting each other in one message:

  • content
  • picture
  • sound

we are able to influence the recipient much more suggestively than by providing only one selected method.

What is the task of the explanatory / instructional video?

Videos increase sales and conversion.
Research shows that adding a product video on your landing page can increase your conversions by 80%.

Mobile users like to watch the video.
YouTube reports that mobile video usage is increasing by 100% every year. The number of viewers of mobile devices is constantly growing because the number of smartphone users themselves is constantly growing. We like to use video streams for this.

Video content helps build the trust and credibility of your brand.
Through films, your brand becomes more "human", accessible and friendly in the eyes of customers.
57% of the audience say that the videos made the company more credible in their eyes and gave them more confidence in online purchases.

Right understanding.
By combining content, image and sound, we can clearly convey the meaning of the message it contains without worrying about proper understanding.

Videos help raise your search engine rankings.
Site visitors spend more time on the site when it has video content. For search engine algorithms, longer time spent on the site means that we have more valuable and interesting content. Video embedded on the website increases the probability of being on the first page of Google by 53 times.

Why are explanatory videos effective?

They build trust and credibility.
You make an effort to explain to your client the intricacies of your product in an accessible way. The consumer can appreciate it and sees that you are trying to cooperate with them by engaging in your mutual business relations.

They increase sales and conversions.
The purpose of a video marketing campaign is to trick the customer into taking an action such as purchasing a product or using a service. Explanatory videos are a great way to do this as the customer gets a preview of what to expect when they purchase a product or service.

They convey much more information in a short time.
You know that "One picture is worth 1000 words". According to Forrester McQuivey's study, "How Video Takes Over the World", "... a video is worth 1.8 million words ...". Maybe it's overkill but think how many images you can upload in a 1 minute video.

Streamline email marketing campaigns.
The Syndacast report shows that it is enough to include the phrase "video" in the subject line and thus increase the message opening rate by 19% and the click-through rate by 65%.

They reduce the number of bounces of websites.
Post an explanatory video on your site and your visitors will necessarily spend more time there. They are more involved in the life around the site and the outbound links.

They improve your SEO ranking.
The involvement of users and the time spent on the site is an important signal in the search ranking. As viewers spend more time on your site watching videos, search engines like Google will find your page valuable. This will help you increase website traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

Videos have a lot of reach on social media platforms.
Thanks to the explanatory video, you can engage a larger audience on social media as such content is most in demand there.

They are more engaging and persuasive.
A good explanatory film appeals to the emotions of the viewer. It articulates the difficulties faced by customers while offering a solution to them. People are inspired to emotional actions.

They show the brand's personality and its "human" side.
The style and message of the explanatory videos is simple and "human". The content is easily digestible. Customers can easily be convinced by them. Showcasing your brand personality is easier.

Explainer video - what does the BUNDLE Advertising Agency offer?

Case study

Before proceeding to further work, the main issues that need to be answered are:
- what do we want to achieve by designing this film
- what problem do we want to solve by designing this film
- by what means do we want to achieve it
- who will be the target audience

Creative elements

Our film will consist of a variety of elements, characters, symbols, etc. This, together with the music, sound and voice-over voice, will create a unique message that we will use to tell the story outlined by the script. At the same time, we maintain the style of the elements that do not collide with the branding of the client's brand.


If we have already created all the elements, symbols and possibly characters and have a voiceover, we can start the process of combining and animating everything into one coherent whole.


The script is the backbone of any movie. It describes the film's narrative, successive scenes and text.
In the case of an explanatory film, the text to be used by the teacher should be thought out from several points of view: - limited time
- clear message without understatement
- marketing content


Storyboard is a drawn story of a movie showing individual scenes / slides. In this way, we are able to imagine how the action will proceed and present it to our client for approval.

Music / audio

The background music creates a mood and emphasizes the emotions conveyed by the characters in the film. He can give the film the expected character.

Maintain brand branding

The form of the explanatory film must be compatible with the identity of the brand for which the message is created. On the one hand, colors, logos, typography, and on the other hand, emotions evoked by the brand or its cultural message. We try to keep it.

Voice-over recording

When the texts are finally approved, they can be sent to the voiceover for recording. We have the ability to record voice-over voices in various languages. Most often, the teachers are active actors or people who use their voices professionally.

Other language versions

Once we have made a movie in the main language version, it is possible to duplicate it in another language. Such a procedure takes place when a company / brand wants to reach foreign-language markets with its message.

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How long is the production of an explainer video?
Production time depends on the length of the scenario and the type of measures used. Allow at least 3 weeks for a 60-second Whiteboard film.

How long should the explainer video be?
Exactly enough to clearly convey the content in a way that is clear enough for the recipient. It is estimated that the explanatory film should preferably be in the range of 1-2 minutes. If we exceed the time of 2 minutes, the number of viewing time will decrease from 77% to 57%.

Can I send my own teaching material?
We have our own voice-over base, which we use when sounding explanatory / advertising films, but nothing prevents the client from sending his own recording. However, it must be a recording with all the hallmarks of a professional recording.

Will the movie have music?
Yes. Music and audio are obligatory for the explainer video included in the price of the film. The music comes from one of the music banks and you can choose from several uploaded examples.

Does the Agency produce explainer videos in other languages?
Of course. The film may have subtitles and a voice-over in any language.

In what video format will we get the final version of the film?
We transfer films in one (or all) of the following formats: MP4, AVI, MOV and WMV. Other formats as previously agreed.

Will we get the copyright for the explanatory video?
Of course. The proprietary copyrights to the film are transferred to the Customer in accordance with the rights transfer agreement.

Will we receive the explanatory film project working files?
Work files are not transferred and are not contractual.

Knowledge base

Rule 7-38-55
According to Albert Mehrabian, only 7% of human communication with the environment is at the substantive level. As much as 93% are visual impressions that we use to communicate with the environment. What does this mean in terms of producing an explainer video? The potential of the company's explainer video should be used to stimulate the recipient's sensitivity to visual and emotional stimuli.

The brain can recognize images seen in as little as 13 milliseconds.
The ability to identify images seen so briefly can help the brain make decisions about where to focus eyes that are "jumping" from point to point in short movements called fixations (about three times per second). Deciding where to go can take anywhere from 100 to 140 milliseconds, so very quick "understanding" of the image must come sooner. These are very small times, however, sufficient to influence the perception of the recipient.

Colors and explanatory film design.
In 2011, Thomas Sanocki and Noah Sulman conducted a color relationship experiment to evaluate the effect of color on visual short-term memory. Research has shown that a group of similar colors is considered harmonious and pleasant, and that contrasting colors are associated with chaos or boldness.
Four sets of trials were carried out using harmonious and disharmonious color palettes. In each trial, observers were presented with two sets of color patterns and asked to compare them. Participants were asked to rate whether the patterns shown were "same" or "different". Observers were also expected to see if the pattern would be harmonious.
Based on the research results, Sanocki and Sulman could say that:
- People remember color patterns better when the color palette is harmonious.
- People remember patterns with fewer colors (2-color palettes) better than patterns with more colors (4-color palettes).
- The contrast of the surrounding colors has affected how well we remember the color pattern. In other words, color differences between content and background can increase our ability to focus on the content itself.
Can you attempt the following conclusion? - the colors used in the design of the explanatory film should take into account a smaller rather than a larger palette of colors, although of course it depends on the technique used and the expected impressions.