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Poster / Illustration – Kotanyi

Design of two posters illustrating the new Kotanyi spice line. Kotanyi company has asked our Agency to design an illustration in the form of a poster, presenting popular product lines with new products entering the market. The main idea was to show the transformation of the spice into the vegetable / herb from which it was made. Among the various concepts, the idea of changing the finished product, falling out of the packet into a fresh vegetable, won.




Illustration / poster design

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Composition No. 1.

Creative illustration design

This is how the concept was born. Illustrative sketches and "raw" 3d scene.

Outline poster illustration design
Sketch poster illustration design
Sketch Kotanyi illustration design
3d poster illustration design

Ready visualizations before composition.

Creative illustration design
Creative poster illustration

Composition No. 2.

Creative illustration design

In addition to the posters presented earlier, the project of a press advertisement was also implemented.
An old photograph was used here, probably taken in the 19th century, showing the beginning of Kotanyi's activity.

Kotanyi press advertisement