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Whiteboard presentation / explainer video – Kesstech

The Agency made a presentation / explainer video for the Kesstech company - a leader in the production of exhaust systems modifying the power and sound of Harley Davidson and BMW motorcycles. The presentation (explanatory film) is to present the ideas of the product's creation, application and legality of use in various conditions. The means used to implement it are vector illustration of the animator's moving hand, sparing in colors. Everything is done on a white background, which does not disturb the reception with external stimuli.




Explainer video presentation - whiteboard

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Announcement of the issue of an explanatory film produced by our Agency.

We invite you to see the finished movie.

Explanatory film introduction
The best explanatory videos - Design

The creation of elements and characters is one of the initial stages of work on a given animation.

Explanatory film - characters

Each animation / film is made on the basis of a previously created storyboard. It is on its basis that we are able to see what the consecutive shots will look like.

Film explaining storyboard
Explanatory video - hand
Video explainer film Kesstech
Video explainer films Kesstech
Explanatory video film Kesstech
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Design and production of videos and explanatory films - Kesstech
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